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Kinnara Thumbikal / Kinnarathumbikal is a Malayalam soft porn movie movie released on 2000, directed by Mr R. J. Presad starring  Shakeela in the dominant role. The film was an innovation in Malayalam cinema as well as in South Indian Film industry. The low budget film went on to become amazing box-office hit. The film experiment was success in in Malayalam was dubbed in other six Indian languages such as Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Hindi and Oriya etc... It was one of the major hits in the South Indian soft-porn industry.

The movie made with a low budget of twelve lakhs became a box office super hit blockbuster.earning around 4 crores. On the huge commercial success of kinnara thumpikal, several South soft-porn movies’ got labeled in Hindi such as Layanam featuring Silk Smitha dubbed as Rashma Ki Jhawani and found success in Bollywood.
The story of the movie is related to a  boy named sanju who lives in a small village with his aunty. Sanju fall in love with Hema is the cousin of sanju and they plan for wedding.  Shakeela is the neighbore of sanju.she become affectionate with Sanju and to persuade  to have sex with him.

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